Completion of the first stage of “Learning Robot” project.

11-04-2016, 16:00, Center for Robotics and Digital Techn
ology Education, Technion

As part of the close cooperation of tphoto of the eventhe center with the R
eali school in Haifa, we recently completed the first phase of a unique and innovative “Learning Robot” project. During this project our center hosted eleventh grade students from the Reali School in Haifa, learning there in the systems engineering track. The students were guided and mentored by our staff, our faculty students and Reali teachers. The project is supported by PTC. At this final event, in the presence of parents, teachers, staff and guests, the students presented the products of the project which include intelligent environments, virtual models and physical robots capable of learning.


Technion-Reali joint educational project concludin
g event

18-06-2015, 16:00, The Hebrew Reali School Haifaphoto of the event

Concluding event for the joint educational project. Presentation of posters, mechanisms and robots, made by Reali school students and Technion Students.


Internet of Things Eventphoto of the event

28-04-2015, 11:00, Department of Education in Science and Technology, room 307





The 25th CIRP Design Conference 2015

02-03-2015, 09:00, technion