Intelligent Robotics Program, January 2019

From October 2018 to January 2019, the innovative program “Intelligent Robotics” was conducted at the center, with the participation of 66 high school students from five schools: Hugim Haifa; ORT Technikum Givatayim; ORT Gan Yavne; Bosmat Haifa; and the Israel Air Force Technical School in Haifa.

Intelligent Robotics


Workshop for High School Students from Toronto and Eilat, November 2015

On November 2015, the Center delivered a 3-day robotics workshop for a joint group of students from the Tanenbaum CHAT Academy (Toronto, Canada) and the GoldWater School (Eilat, Israel). An article on the subject was published on Focus, e-magazine of the Technion.

Toronto meets Eilat Document


Technion robots lights Hanukkah candles but what about the blessings?, November 2014

High schools students have programmed a robotic trio at Technion University to light Hanukkah candles as well as pour olive oil for the lighting and serve “sufganiyot,” the traditional fried doughnuts. An article on the subject was published on The Jewish Press website.

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Robo-Miracle: Hanukkah as never seen before, December 2014

In honor of Hanukkah: Ort Bialik high school students programed a robot triplet that serve donuts, pour oil and light candles in a Hanukkah Menorah. An article on the subject was published on the Technion official website.

Robo-miracle article


Robots Hanukkah Party at Technion, December 2014

Robots Hanukkah Party at the Center for Robotics and Digital Technology Education. Humanoid robots serve donuts, pour oil and light the third candle of Hanukkah. The robots were programmed by 10th grade students from Ort Bialik high school, led by the director of the center, during a special robotic course. The video was published by the Technion. 

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Educating Technology Educators, December 2014

Lecture given by the Head of the Center in The 2nd Conference on the Social Aspects of Teaching and Research – Moving Learning into the 21st Century, held in the Center for Promotion of Learning and Teaching, Technion.

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US President Barack Obama meets Technion innovation Technology, March 2013

On his visit to Israel, president Obama visits Technion’s showcase of innovative technologies. The center team presents to president Obama an innovative robotics education program with participation of highscool students.

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